8th Grade Night


CV Student Media –  

Walking through the front of the school doors on your first day of high school can be scary. Many incoming freshman don’t know a thing about Castle View and have no clue what to do and where to go. The 8th Grade Night held at CV was a way for 8th graders to learn about the school, different activities, and how to get involved with extracurricular activities and get help from students, coaches, and staff.

Going from middle school to high school is a big difference, especially with the way Castle View is run. Parents and 8th graders know little about the school, but unless they have had a child or sibling go through high school, the seminars, speeches, and booths they had the chance to attend, provides the exact information they need to know about CV.

“Being a guide, a lot of students and parents were really confused about how high school actually works. I think 8th grade night is a great way for incoming freshman to not only gain knowledge about the different clubs, activities, and academic opportunities CVHS offers, but to gain a better understanding of Castle View’s atmosphere,” said Kristen Plonsky ‘18.

This was a night for exploring Castle View and having some fun with the students. The 8th grade night included booths in the commons, which was an effective way of getting clubs and sports recognized at Castle View and get more students involved. “I liked seeing all of the smiles on everyone’s faces including the students, teachers, and 8th graders as they were excited for a new experience,” said Max Wilson ‘17. The students attending booths and teachers giving speeches gave the 8th graders a comfortable feel about going into high school next year.