The Ten-Year Courtyard


CV Student Media-


A mound of flagstone and a few benches – that’s what Castle View’s courtyard looked like for ten years. As a result of the tenth anniversary of our school, new ideas have sparked to brighten and freshen up the courtyard for years to come.

Robert Sutterer and Student Government have a lot of ideas about how they can make the outside area more enjoyable. “We want to have at least one tree to provide some shade out there cause there’s really not a lot of shade. We want to have some sort of ground cover over it so it’s not just dirt,” said Sutterer. “There’s thoughts about incorporating some colored rocks and making a CV logo out of it.”

Incorporating new designs in the courtyard will create a better atmosphere for students and brighten up the area around it. “I think it’s nice and it has a lot of potential and it’s really going to show our school better than the mound of rocks and it will look a lot better and cleaner,” said Abigail Haneke ‘17. “I just think it will brighten our school and make it a better place to be.”

Not only are there plans to plant flowers and trees in the courtyard, but student government is also discussing a time capsule burial. “We are also working on putting a time capsule inside of that – burying a time capsule and maybe having it be there for ten years since this is our ten year anniversary, maybe having people at the twentieth year open it.” said Sutterer.

One of the few people who got to be a part of this process gave some insight on what current ideas are circulating. “We’ll open it in ten years and it’ll be filled with a bunch of CV memorabilia.” said Delaney Schoenfeldt ‘16.

As the trees and plants grow, so will the school and its legacy. In the end, the courtyard will mean so much more than just a place for kids to eat lunch. It will root itself around the bonds of tradition.