Castle View Students Review Halloween Movies

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Halloween is almost here, to get in the horror mood here are some costumes and movie ideas.

Halloween has classic movies for the season. ABC Family plays movies starting on October 19th, 13 Nights of Halloween. After asking students around the school, a Halloween movie marathon was created:

  • Corpse Bride
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Donnie Darko
  • Trick ‘R Treat
  • Halloween
  • Casper
  • The Addams Family
  • The Addams Family Values
  • Halloweentown



As Halloween is quickly approaching, students begin to get into the spirit of Hallows Eve. We asked Castle View students to tell us their favorite Halloween movies and why they like them.

The Addams Family:


Noah Gibbs ’17 loves watching The Addams Family to get in the Halloween spirit. Gibbs said that, “The Addams Family is a both dark and regular humor which make it a ‘berry’ interesting movie. It’s fun for everyone.”

Corpse Bride:


Megan Wittich ‘18 has a favorite Halloween movie, Corpse Bride. “The corpse bride is a refreshing halloween movie with quirky characters and an enchanting ending,” said Wittich “Tim Burton craftily plays with the watchers emotions. It’s more than just a holiday feature; it can be played any time of year and still be relevant. I would recommend it highly.”



Kennedy Dahley ‘19 is a big fan of the popular Disney film Halloweentown. “Halloweentown is a super fun halloween movie that everyone instantly falls for,” said Dahley “I absolutely love it because it is very unique and original. I think it is a halloween classic and would 10/10 recommend.”

Hocus Pocus:


Natalie Stein ‘18 said, “It brings back the excitement we had as kids to go out and dress up on Halloween. Now that we’re older we aren’t as excited or it doesn’t quite feel like Halloween, but when we watch our favorite childhood movies it brings us back,” said Stein.



Hannah Little ‘18 said “It’s a good family movie if you have younger siblings. Twitches is a unique story about two twins and then finding out they are witches. I loved watching it when I was younger  10/10 recommend,” Said Little.

Trick ‘r Treat:


Indiana Dunn ‘16 is a fan of more scary films, like one of her favorites Trick ‘r Treat. “It’s a really clever movie because there’s like three different stories going on at the same time,” said Dunn. “And for someone who loves horror films that are not only scary but also have humor, I would definitely recommend this one.”

As Halloween begins make sure to grab a friend and watch these festive films. Beware, Halloween is in the air!

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