Mrs. Hass Leads Teachers in Weekly Yoga Classes

Kahlia Hearon  and Mary Huddy –

CV Student Media – 

According to current spanish teacher, Kelly Hass, “there is such a need for movement, stress management and self love in [the teaching profession]” and that is precisely the reason that she decided to volunteer her time to lead other teachers in weekly yoga sessions.

Throughout first term, Hass taught Power Yoga after school on Tuesdays in the wrestling room and Gentle Yoga on Thursdays in room 3500 to classes of 5 to 10 teachers which she found to be a highly rewarding experience. “I love teaching my colleagues,” said Hass,“It makes me feel closer to them and I love helping them feel better.”

Although the classes consist of mostly teachers that have at least some experience with yoga practice, “[the classes] are really geared toward anybody” and “experience isn’t necessary at all.” Hass continues to defend the idea that regardless of the intentions of the person practicing, whether it be for the movement or as a spiritual pursuit, or skill level, there is yoga for everyone.

Hass’s own personal history with yoga began in her early twenties when a cute boy convinced her to try it with him. “He was into climbing and told me it would make me a better climber too,” said Hass, “Seven years later, we’re married and I still can’t get enough of it.”

Since beginning her practice, Hass has noticed a difference in her physical and mental states. She advocates that yoga has made her “stronger than ever” and “has served [her] well as cross training for running by keeping [her] ankles and knees safe.” Less outwardly obvious, though, are the changes that Hass has undergone mentally and emotionally. Yoga has helped her calm what she likes to call her “monkey brain” and has aided her in the process of becoming “a more mentally healthy person.”

As for the classes she teaches, Hass loves being able to offer her colleagues the same benefits that she has received from yoga.  

In her own words, Hass said,“If I can offer just a little bit of relief after a stressful day, then it’s totally worth my time.”