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When it comes to making sure everything is balanced. one thing in particular sticks out. Why does the sports department get more money or funding than the theater department?

“No, it’s not fair.” said Amber Steyn, 18’. “Theater students have just as much passion for what they do, ask an athletic student! Theater students want just as many opportunities.”

Drama has other ways of obtaining money for their department.

“…Lots of our funding is generated from ticket sales, donations, we do business ads and fundraisers.” said drama teacher, Mr. DeYoung.

Mr. DeYoung clarifies the issue even further,

“While we don’t get as much funding as them [the football team], there are special cases where I can go to our principal or go to someone and ask for additional money, and that has happened…” said Deyoung. “…So, while the discrepancy and the money is there, you can see the difference behind the curtain. I don’t think everyone really understands how much money the school sometimes gives us [the theater].”

Athletic Director, Derek Cordes, has an opposing view on sports funding versus that of theater.

“To participate in sports, there’s a hundred and fifty dollar fee, so that money goes to that program.” said Cordes, “You know, band, choir, orchestra, theater, they all have their separate fees too. So, sometimes people think we get more money but we don’t. It’s whoever’s in your program who pays for that.”

To put this question at rest, sports does not get more money than theater. In fact, the money that is put forth into the two departments is almost completely self-funded by students that participate.

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Sports Over Theater