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Freshman VS Sophomores:

The sophomore freshmen game came close after a two set win. Returning member Dillon O’Connor, celebrates a win for the sophomores after two winning sets. “There was a sense of relief. We got our class ten more points and we got the win,” said O’Connor.

The sophomores walked into the game confident. After having two well organized practices their team was ready to play.

The team created a strategy of having two separate teams play a different set. A few players on the sophomore team play volleyball and played the first set along with some less experienced players. The second set was played by a different group of students. “The team that won their set would have played the third set if we needed to,” O’Connor said.

The freshmen came in with no experience and had no idea what to expect. “I joined the team about three hours before the game,” said freshman Carson Moorhead.

During the second set the gap in the score increased. As Moorhead watched the sophomore score go up he said, “We were going to lose.”

Even though their team had a tough loss they are confident that they will win next year.

Juniors VS Seniors:

A two set win lead the senior team to victory. The first set was close with a final score of 25-19. The juniors had high hopes for the next set. “We hoped we would win,” said Riese Lutz’17.

The second set was dominated by the seniors with the score 25-9. For Lutz being a first timer, the three practices his team had didn’t prepare him enough for the high intensity skill delivered by the seniors.

Senior Kylen Scialla assisted his team by scoring many points off of serves and hits. The senior team only had one three hour practice right before the game. “We came together as a team to keep the three year undefeated streak alive,” said Scialla “It felt great to win, we put in a lot of effort and we are all pretty passionate about this.”

With ten more points delivered, and a win for ruff and tuff by the seniors, they have a head start over the juniors walking into showdown.

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