Senior-itus is starting to kick in and as the year comes to an end finding motivation can be tough

Only three more months. Only one more term. I am right there. I keep telling myself these little phrases whenever I lose motivation. Senior year is coming to a wrap and after all these years it is all going to be over with a little celebration and a piece of paper? 

Trying to find motivation is extremely difficult especially when you are stuck in the mindset of “hey I already committed to my college of choice so what is really the point of finishing this year strong.” 

Showing up to class becomes the first step but what happens when even that becomes difficult. I have one and a half classes for this little nine week period and it has been rough to say the least. I know I have to pass these classes but all of the sudden after all these years, skipping one day does not seem all that bad. 

Seniors tend to struggle with this and it becomes a repetition. Across the United States it is referred to as senior-itus. It hits and hits hard and I have experienced first hand. Homework becomes tedious, classes become boring, and when I say there is a lack of motivation, I mean it. 

So how can one truly stay motivated in this time? Well to put it simply, you can’t. I am only kidding but really, this becomes a run out the clock situation. Do the bare minimum until, YAY! You graduated! Passing the classes you are taking is still crucial and important because colleges can take that acceptance letter away at any time. A B will do just fine. There are ways to make the time pass in your classes like music and the worm game. You just have to still focus when it counts and it will all work out in the end. 

Now a message to the seniors. As one senior that has really been struggling this year I want to say, stay strong and keep working hard. It will truly all be worth it in the end. When you start to lack motivation, remember those first three sentences. Stay strong Sabercats.