Would Tutoring be Helpful to CV Students

CV Junior Emerson Gosling expresses the need for tutoring services for students

Many CV students feel that tutoring would be an extremely helpful resource to their scholastic environment. Tutoring allows for a  better understanding of their learning content while also enabling an easier way to ask questions. Junior Emerson Gosling explains the benefits that a more extensive tutoring accessibility would bring to CV. 

One of  the most asked questions that these students have is; “are there any available tutoring services?”. 

According to Gosling , she was not aware that CV had any tutoring services. 

“I know that in the past they have offered tutoring for various classes though. As of now, I’m not sure that there is any. I guess you could count our travel Advisement as a tutoring type of time.” 

Most students assume that their travel Advisement time is technically like a time for tutoring. Due to the fact that students go back to their class and get the extra help that they need. 

Because CV has this travel Advisement time, the question is why would we need tutoring? “I feel that students may need tutoring because in the majority of classes they find that students are very confused.  For me and my peers, tutoring for our math class would be extremely helpful. Usually our whole class comes in during travel Advisement because we are all confused on the math. If tutoring was available it would be much easier for us each to catch up at our own pace.” Gosling says. 

The issues with not having available tutoring on campus are even more extensive. 

Emerson claims that  “Many students try to utilize their travel Advisement time for purposes like tutoring, and it is just not beneficial. Most of the students in my math class are really struggling, and we don’t get as much help when we go in during our travel Advisement time, so it could possibly less that amount and make it easier for students to learn.” Gosling says.

This leads to the resulting fact that tutoring services for CV would be extremely helpful, and more efficient. 

“For me personally, I could learn at my own pace and I wouldn’t feel like I am behind and have to really utilize my travel Advisement. I’d like to only use my travel Advisement’s for tests and quizzes. Not because I, and the rest of the class all have questions. I also believe that tutoring would allow students who have missed days of school a chance to catch up, and have a way to get the help they need and learn what they missed. Especially students who’ve sometimes had to miss weeks of school just because of illnesses,” Gosling said. Although there are some tutoring services available outside of school, an on-campus access would be extremely beneficial and ultimately would help more students get the help they need.