Lacking Resources

Senior Elizabeth Flores Quintero explains the challenges of college applications as a Hispanic student


Many students of color are unaware of the numerous opportunities and scholarships catered to them. Senior Elizabeth Flores Quintero says these may not have been as visible to their target audience at CV as they could be. “My college application process so far has not been great,” Flores Quintero said. “I don’t know a whole lot of scholarships or opportunities that focus on Hispanic/diverse students. I’ve been kind of lost and scared in this whole college application process.”

     As the deadlines for seniors’ college applications come closer and closer, many are searching for scholarships and aid that can manage the cost of college. However, a large group at CV are eligible for numerous, unique scholarships and may not even realize it: students of color. According to the University & Colleges Designers’ Association, underrepresented minorities (Black, Hispanic and Native American) and first-gen students are vital to colleges as they increase diversity. Therefore, many scholarships or opportunities target diverse students for even the most exclusive institutions. However, senior Elizabeth Flores Quintero points out that the problem at CV is a lack of access to these resources.

    “I don’t think CV has done a good job informing students about diverse scholarships,” Flores Quintero said.

    She explains that the reason for this may originate within the school’s staff composition.

    “This could be due to a lack of diverse staff. More diverse staff at CV can inform diverse students about some scholarships for diverse students,” Flores Quintero said.

    Flores Quintero said starting college applications so far has been confusing and overwhelming. However, as a first generation and Hispanic student, the importance of finding the right colleges and opportunities is outstanding.

    “It’s important for me as a Hispanic student to know [this] information so that I can make sure that I am doing everything I can to further my education. I will be the first gen to go to college. I am also an older sibling and I am trying to navigate this journey. It’s been tough and at times very scary, but if I can have this information it can hopefully ease these feelings,” Flores Quintero said.

    The impact of better resources for college applications for students of color, Flores Quintero says, would expand to hundreds of students at CV and future generations.

     There are Hispanic/Latino students at CV that are in the same boat as I am and could be feeling these feelings. We don’t have people or parents to ask how to navigate this. I’ve been kind of lost and scared in this whole college application process that I don’t know where to start,” Flores Quintero said.

     Flores Quintero has some ideas on where CV should start to improve this process.

    Sharing more about diverse scholarships or colleges that tend to accept people with diverse backgrounds [would help]. Also not to try to clump us into one group or type of students,” Flores Quintero said.

    Flores Quintero advocates for more visible information for students of color, and wishes the staff would better cater to individual’s identities or backgrounds (such as underrepresented minorities, first generation or low income students). She argues that this would help multiple generations at CV be as prepared as possible for the next chapter of their lives.