Teacher Personalities

It’s no secret that students have preferences when it comes to their teachers. In a student survey, the data shows that almost no students enjoy loud and strict teachers, compared to the 73% that enjoy chill and caring. 

“I want someone who is willing to help and answer questions and gets to know all their students,” said Junior Lily Herzog. Getting to know students is a popular trend in the recent survey. 

“Teachers need to be someone

 I can easily connect with and feel honest with,” said junior Jamie Wright. Emotions in a classroom can affect learning tremendously, but so can the style of teaching as well. A survey shows that 66% of students would choose a hands-on learning environment, then take notes. 

Words that have been used to describe favorite teachers include “Joking, chill, and blunt” according to Junior Jayde. Also included by Junior Yuvi Heffer “Respect with good vibes.” 

Junior Erica Naekel describes a perfect teacher as “chill and teaches about life.” Other students including Senior Natalie Martinez, Freshman Alex Chung, Heffer, and Naekel lean towards a teacher who is mean, but also funny. 

Teachers are so much more than someone in a classroom to some students. Reflecting on what types of teachers’ personalities better the learning environment may be beneficial to academic success in the future.