March Madness

March Madness came and went and did not disappoint

17.3 million. That is the number of brackets made this year and all 17.3 million failed. March madness is one of the most exciting sporting events within not only the basketball and college basketball world but for the entire sports atmosphere. 

By making brackets everyone is engaged and an entire community comes together to enjoy this exciting month. This year was no different. It was exciting all the way through with millions upon millions of brackets being busted within just the first day.  The winner was well deserved by the Kansas Jayhawks. 

Their team is very versatile and have players on the bench that can score when the starting group needs rest. One big player off the bench during the National Championship was Remy Martin who scored 14 to edge out the win. AT halftime the game appeared to be over with a score of 40-25 the Jayhawk fans started to lose faith and so did I. They came back and won the game against an injury proneNorth Carolina, 72-69.

The lead up to the national championship game may be more exciting than the game itself. The big story is the Cinderella team St. Peters.  They were a 15 seed that had made it all the way to the elite 8. With their leader Doug Edert and many valuable role players they surprised the entire world to upset many different teams and ruin most peoples brackets. 

I had personally believed that Baylor was going to win it all. They came into the bracket as the first seed and had won the previous year. With their experience and a deep roster of players I truly believed they were the best team in the country. They got knocked out in the second round by the runner-up, UNC. 

This year was not a disappointment at all and had some very special moments for many different teams. March madness is always exciting and will be a big part of the sports world for hundreds of years to come.