Shoe Game

Students’ opinions on shoes at our school are vastly different, and I am here to judge the horrible or amazing shoe game each has

Students have extremely different tastes in what is style and what isn’t at school. Some students think wearing 3-inch heel boots and dying their hair is a good look, while others go with more basic looking.

One thing though many students disagree on is which shoes suck, and which are good.

A survey I sent out had 100 responses, which shows what the student body really thinks.

38.5% of people said that Jordan was the most overrated shoe brand, which just doesn’t make sense to me. Jordan has some of the nicest shoes, that are not only comfortable but also stylish. Jordans have more iconic shoes that are good-looking than any other brand. Air Jordan Mids, Jordan Retro 6 Lows, Jordan 13 retros, and many more. People who don’t like these just don’t understand the beauty of shoes.

  My choice here would be Adidas because the only shoe they have is the Ultraboosts. Everything else they make is mid, the only other decent shoe they have is NMDs, but those peaked and they are ugly. 

They then voted the most basic shoes white Vans (18%) and White Air Force 1’s(12%). This I agree with. 

I cannot find one girl at this school without either White Vans, or White Air Forces, and they all look the same. I think they just look basic too.

Another high choice was Converse, which doesn’t make much sense to me. Maybe in 7th grade, everyone wore them, but now I feel like it’s not as common as they used to be, and also if they have good outfits with them, they are clean looking.

After these hot takes, they then voted the best shoe Brand Nike (52%), and they hit this one on the head. The versatility of Nike with athletic shoes, to stylish shoes, is unmatched and crowns them the best shoes. I think they have some of the best prices too, where not all are very expensive, but a good price for the people.

And lastly, they voted for the cleanest shoe, white Vans (32.5%). I just don’t get how you vote them the most basic shoes, then call them the cleanest. How can you vote the most overrated shoe and the cleanest shoe? Every girl I know owns a pair of white vans, and trust me, they aren’t white anymore. These shoes are not only the most overrated but also the grossest. After one month of wearing these things, they turn black. Maybe you guys misheard the question for crustiest shoe, cause that’s what these are. The next highest vote was Air Max 90’s(22%), which is a much better choice than the vans. Still not the best, but respectable.

After reading these responses put in, I realize that most people do have not much shoe knowledge. Thinking Jordan is overrated showed me that you guys aren’t the smartest in the first place, and then telling me that white vans are the cleanest shoe, shows me that you guys really don’t care about what shoe you guys wear. Get better guys, some of you did good, but most of you guys have no Shoe Game.