Cheer VS Poms

The debate between cheer and poms is settled by athletes from both teams

There has been a debate between cheer and poms for years on which sport is better and which requires more skill. The students in cheer and poms have strong opinions about their particular sport and vocalized those opinions by answering a couple of questions.

Addison Bailey is a junior on the varsity cheer team and presents not only her opinion but some evidence to show why she believes cheer is a better sport than poms. She has also been on poms so she sees both sides. 

Personally I think that cheer is better than poms because we do hold more state champ titles than poms,” Bailey said. 

With cheer and poms working year round they have different competitions that compete for state. With both sports there are different restrictions that the students have to face.

 “Personally, I think our sport is more challenging because there’s a lot of mental blocks that you have to quickly overcome in order to actually make the mat and do well in competition. It’s mentally and physically challenging and if you aren’t at your peak of fitness throughout the majority of the season then you’re not going to perform well enough,” Bailey said.

Keeping up with the physicality of cheerleading is one of the most important parts of the sport and Bailey claims it to be one of the reasons cheer is more challenging than poms. Due to Bailey having participated in both cheer and poms it gives her the best possible perspective. 

“I think that being on both poms and cheer has really helped me gain a lot of respect for both sides, but I do think that cheer is harder because there’s also a chant that’s incorporated in our routine, and it has to be a certain amount of time before we can move on to the next section. I have all the respect in the world for poms, but I do think that cheer is more difficult,” Addison Bailey said. 

Isabella DiFelice is also a junior on varsity cheer and tried to stay neutral on the subject because of the correlation between the two sports, or the lack thereof. Many of the students had emphasized on how different the two sports are and Difelice explains this. 

“I think that cheer is better because we go out and compete and we’re also more involved with the student section,” Difelice said.

Cheer has many different components that make it such an interesting sport. 

“I believe cheer is more challenging because there’s more elements than just dancing to it. We have to stunt, tumble and jump. The difference between cheer and poms is in poms you only do motions and dance and the routines aren’t very long,” DeFelice said. 

Both cheer and poms have their own elements that make them the sport they are and it can be hard to compare such different sports. 

“I think that poms are a lot different than cheer so I don’t really pay attention or have an opinion about it,” DiFelice said. 

Sara Spienlberg, being one of the seniors on the poms squad, is  opinionated towards poms. She has been with poms for her 3 years of high school and has thought of poms to be better than cheer since her freshman year. 

“Obviously I’m going to say poms is better because I’m on the team but I think we are more united as a team. We do more for the school throughout the year, Spienlberg said. 

Poms has to be all in sync in order for them to win competitions. If one person is slightly off it can mess up the entire routine.

“We have to be able to perform at the same time as technically performing each dance to make them entertaining. For a reference, over fall break we practiced for eight hours every day,” Spienlberg said.  

Poms has a big play within the football games and performs during halftime also while cheering alongside cheer on the sidelines during the game. 

“A big difference is at games they do sidelines alongside us and then we do halftime performances,” Spienlberg said. 

They all have a mutual respect for each other because they understand the difficulty of each other’s sport. 

“I have a lot of respect for cheer because I know I couldn’t do the stuff that they do because it takes a lot of strength,”  Spienlberg said. 

Kylie Snider, a senior on poms, is one of the team captains and due to that she has a different point of view as to her opinion of the debate between cheer and poms. 

  “I think both of our sports have their own challenges and even though they may look the same it’s hard to compare them because they are so different. I think they’re equally challenging,” Snider said. 

This debate is a tough one for all of the athletes due to the complexity of both sports. They have to do competitions that require their own specific training and work. 

“We both have competition routines that a lot of work gets put into. Having practice and going to other sports events also puts a lot of stress onto our season,” Snider said.

The respect factor between the two sports is seen very clear because of the relationship the two sports have. They both go on for the entire school year because they both have to be there for many different sports. 

“I honestly love our cheer team and I’m thankful to have them by our side during football and basketball. They’re the only other sport that season is as long as ours so it’s nice to feel like they know what we’re going through at the same time,” Snider said.

The students within cheer and poms will obviously think that their sport is better but each individual has respect for the other sport and they are all a part of the Castle View family