Preparing for winter

Winter is here and preparations need to be made to have a great winter season

Grabbing warmer clothes and snow gear is the first step you should take to prepare for winter. Freshman Elizabeth Mroz explains how she prepares for winter with different clothes and why she likes the winter season.

“I prepare for winter by putting on more layers of clothes, getting my snow gear out like my heavy jacket and snow pants and getting blankets ready so I can cuddle up and  can’t get warm,” Mroz said.

Getting warmer clothes and snow gear out is something you need to do so you don’t get cold or frostbite, and that should be your first step to getting ready for the winter season.There are many different activities in the winter you can do like sledding or snowball fights.

“My favorite winter activity is going to the ice rink and messing around with my friends,” Mroz said.

Some other activities would be skiing or snowboarding, ice climbing, snow angels, and many more, so step two would be getting out and enjoying the winter and having fun.

“I would probably just watch a movie with my family or friends wrapped in blankets,” said Mroz.

Step three: get cold and go inside. Getting cold isn’t bad. So don’t worry there are so many things you can also do inside. Movies, making food, or maybe just sleeping. Winter is great and should be enjoyed so just follow the steps and have fun.

“I like winter because the cold is cool and there are so many activities you can do,” Mroz said.