What a Catch

Junior Trenton Bratz, otherwise known as Trent, enjoys fishing on the weekends

     When out of school, many spend their time playing video games, hanging out with friends, or playing a sport. But Junior Trent Bratz prefers to spend his time in the mountains fishing. 

     Trent has a busy schedule, balancing honors classes with varsity lacrosse, but to calm his nerves, he goes out and fishes.

     “Fishing is great for the mind, with how calming it is”, Bratz said, “when I am stressed I love going out and fishing.”

     Trent started fishing at a young age, and ever since his first cast, he has loved it.

     “My dad took me when I was younger, and I have loved it since,” Bratz said, “I feel like when I am out on the water, every stress I had gone away, and it’s just me and the fish.”

     Although fishing is a hobby, it has taught bratz valuable lessons that he uses in his everyday life.

     “Fishing teaches you many life lessons, like patience, determination, and how to enjoy the little things,” Bratz said, “ I think these help me live a happy life because whenever I am stressed, I just go fishing.”

     Fishing helps calm Trent down, but more importantly, is something he enjoys. Bratz loves to fish and he thinks fishing helps you with many things and encourages you to do it. He has learned skills, gained friends, and eased his stress down with fishing. As Bratz says “Nothing is better than a good day on the lake”.

Bratz goes fishing often and often goes to his favorite spot in Steamboat. He went last year during Thanksgiving break, and caught the biggest fish of his life. “It is one of my favorite trips each year when we go up there,” Bratz said. “This catch was the best of my life, and it was especially fun to reel it in.”