The Fall Season Has Arrived

Student explains how to prepare for the fall season

The change from summer to fall can have a downgrade of emotions, activities, and weather which can have an effect on a lot of people. Fall is a depressing season for some people and a relaxing season for others. For sophomore Ben Booth, it is more relaxing. Booth loves the fall season for countless reasons. He knows how to prepare for it in the best ways possible so others can enjoy it alongside him.

 “Preparing for fall is the most fun part because fall is the season that kicks off the holiday season which means you’ll need warm clothes, stay in a bright mood, always look forward to something, and keep busy and expect things to change around you,” Booth said.

Fall has plenty to look forward to and a lot of hidden activities to do within, as well as surprising weather.

 How to prepare for fall:

– Clean up around the house, pick up any summer objects indoors and outdoors

– Get warmer clothes; hoodies, long sleeves, pants, etc.

– Set up fall decorations/Halloween decorations

– find activities to do; yard work, hikes, pumpkin carving, etc.

-Always look forward to something fun such as upcoming holidays, family gatherings, and friend hangouts. 

Overall, you should enjoy the season the way you want to and do what makes you enjoy the season better. 

“Always keep busy during this season because if you don’t, fall can easily turn into a depressing season,” Booth said.