Years off Middle School to High School

Students’ opinions on remote learning last year and the way it impacts them today

Many people have missed most of middle school, and among them is student Oscar Price. Like many, he has not learned much of the required curriculum as he should due to remote learning and COVID-19 during most of middle school. 

“I feel like it sucked, and lost a lot of education. I’m happy it’s over.” Price said. Although COVID-19 had made it harder, he found a way to make something good come out of remote learning. 

“I feel like I built a better connection with my siblings, and I didn’t have to go to school,” Oscar Price said. A lot of students who were in middle school last year believe they will have a harder time since they did not learn most of the important things they should have learned. 

“It will be harder due to it not being more in- depth, as it should of,” Price said.

Among those students who had to go through remote learning, freshman student Ivy Briggs shares her opinion on remote learning, and how she got through her middle school years.

 “In person learning, because I can learn better and the school experience,” Briggs said. 

Although there were many downsides to remote learning there were some things that were good. 

“I got to sleep in, and hangout with my friends”, Briggs said.

 Since some students  have lost most of middle school, they have not learned most of the required curriculum that they normally would have learned.  

“Yes it will be harder, because I didn’t learn the required curriculum.” Briggs said.