Summer Sickness

After becoming sick and tired of the cold, warmer temperatures need to come sooner rather than later

If you were around on Groundhog day, you’d know that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, indicating six more long and excruciating weeks of winter. Like any sane person would be, I am very upset at the decision that was made on February 2nd. The last thing we need in this pandemic is another six more weeks of crappy cold days keeping us inside and putting any outdoor activities on hold. 

As someone who likes to exercise outside, the cold makes doing so extremely unmotivating and hard to accomplish at a normal rate. Forget running or biking outside when snow and ice covers the trail. Even hanging out with friends can become impossible with the colder temperatures. With businesses limiting their capacity along with their hours, indoor activities to do with friends are hard to come by. Nobody wants to hang out outdoors because it’s too cold, or if it snows, the roads are too bad to drive on. 

You can only go to Target and the mall so many times before it gets boring. Did I mention that there is also nothing to do in Castle Rock? When the snow keeps us prisoners in this town, you have to get creative before going out. I don’t know about anybody else, but winter has slowly made me go insane. 

I can’t wait until it gets warm enough so I can roll down my car windows without potentially getting hypothermia.  Summer needs to kick in sooner rather than later; and when it does, I will definitely be taking full advantage of the warm weather.