Start the Conversation

After the most recent issue of The View, I encourage you to start the conversation.

Our most recent issue of The View was intended to start an important conversation that not many talk about:  race. It purposefully highlights voices of those who go unrepresented in our community. 

     With this being said, these topics and stories can be hard to read. On the CV Student Media website , students and staff can write a ‘letter to the editor’ to the staff of the View with any concerns or questions. To construct a ‘letter to the editor,’ click on the hyperlink above. 

     ‘A letter to the editor’ is designed as a way for students and staff to voice their feelings about the topics covered in the issue. This letter cannot be anonymous and has to follow certain guidelines, which are on the website.  

     We strongly encourage writing ‘A letter to the editor’ for this issue. We only get to hear about the issue from our staff and what we hear around the building, but no one shares their direct feelings or concerns to us directly. With such a heavy topic, like race, being the theme for this issue, we understand that people will want to talk about it. This is a perfect way to do so and express those feelings to us. Any comments we get is feedback for us to address either online, or in the next issue of The View

     As a staff, we appreciate you taking the time to reflect on The View and understand the importance of this issue.