COVID-19 with Ashley Brick

How Coronavirus continues to affect the student body

In a chaotic time and a chaotic house, Ashley Brick, 24,  is keeping her cool through some crazy times. 

“I have a crazy house. It’s usually really loud,”, Ashley Brick (24) said. “It’s really weird, online school, and that makes it harder when I’m trying to do my school work, especially since my siblings are really loud.” Brick said.

With these difficult times, the need for relaxation is now higher than ever before. 

“I’ve definitely watched a lot more YouTube and Netflix, and movies in general,” Brick said. This gives her a chance to “be myself for a moment.”

With the higher stress levels, there tends to be more of a need for a cool down.

“To cope, I usually will draw or listen to music,” Brick said. “My artwork usually reflects on how I’m feeling. Especially with my pencil art. If I’m mad, then my art is usually darker, with harder lines. Compared to when I’m sad, it would be lighter lines.” 

As COVID-19 continues to take its course, everyone could all use some cooldown time. Ashley Brick has got this covered.