Update on 2020-21 Winter Sports

Winter sports with Castle View has had many different delays and rule changes so this is an update on the many different winter sports CV has to offer.


Winter sports are coming up and all the teams are preparing in their own ways. Castle View basketball is a big part of sports within the high school. The gym just got redone and is ready for a great season. “New team, new look, new players. We have 5 returning Varsity players from last season so the other half of the team are all new to this level,” said coach Hema.

What is going on with winter sports? They are going to be completely different than all the other years. The start date for winter sports has changed multiple different times. There are many players and coaches worried about the season being canceled. All of the different teams are working through this long offseason and are really doing all they can to prepare for tryouts and the shortened season ahead. Coaches were asked these questions:

When is the season supposed to start?

What has the team been doing to prepare for the season? 

What will the restrictions be due to COVID-19?  

How has COVID-19 affected the offseason and the players? 

What are the differences from last year going to look like?

These were their responses:

Boys Varsity Hockey, Coach Lee Olson:

“The hockey season normally starts mid-November with tryouts but this season we have changed to the start date a few times. With COVID-19 we are starting our tryouts Monday, January 18, 2021.”

“The team has been working hard preparing for the season playing in our club season through mid-October before the season was put on hold. The team has continued working on and off the ice working on skills and conditioning to prepare for the season.”

“This season we will have to adjust the way we approach things because of COVID. We will not be able to use locker-rooms, right now no fans, no handshakes after the games, and players need to wear masks during practices but not games.”

“This off-season has been very difficult for our players because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our senior class for one has had to deal with different obstacles besides hockey. Should I apply for college? Will college be a normal fall of 2021? All the players have experienced no homecoming dances, football games, and the unknown if their season will happen? My concern as the coach is more about their mental health than hockey. Many players are struggling with the unknown and limited access to friends and in-person class.”

“The 2020-2021 season we are going to look different from last season. This season we will be older and more experienced. In my second year with the team, they are learning to compete and work as a team. We are led by our Sr. Captain Lathan Olson. He has been on the team since his Freshman year and has seen the team grow. Lathan shares his passion with the team and encourages the team to never quit. Our other leaders assist Captain Chris Knoll is more of our lead by example and when he speaks up the team listens and responds. Payton Pool is the Captain that is more of the keep it lights and is good at keeping the group loose with his jokes. Together the leaders keep the team ready and ready to play. This season teams in our conference better are ready because we have a team that will not be easy to defeat.”


Girls Basketball, Coach Hema:

“We begin tryouts on Monday, Jan. 18 and Tuesday, Jan, 19.  First games for Varsity are Jan 26 at home against Liberty HS, and 1/30 at home against Fruita Monument HS.”

“We have held voluntary open gym workouts throughout the fall and into the winter. Winter B season officially starts on Monday, Jan. 18, 2021.”

“Later start date. Fewer games for the season (14 games instead of 23). Number restrictions in the gym for practices. No fans allowed for games. Face masks required while playing and coaching. Continued social distancing on the sidelines for games.”

“Not a normal routine with us starting later and restrictions on contact during open gyms. Having to wear masks to play has been a big adjustment, however, the players have done a great job of adhering to this while we have been indoors at open gyms. At this time we are just ready to get back on the floor and start practice and get ready to compete in the regular season and try to qualify for the state tournament in March.”

“New team, new look, new players. We have 5 returning Varsity players from last season so the other half of the team are all new to this level. Other than the already mentioned COVID-19 restrictions, we will be playing our usual style of basketball and competing in the toughest league in the state”.


Boys Basketball, Coach Johnston:

Our first game will be on Friday of next week (1/29) up at Legacy High School in Broomfield. We finished up tryouts this past week. We are excited to kick things off.”

“Because of COVID restrictions it has made it difficult in the offseason to have true practices but we have been trying to get into the gym whenever possible and get lots of shooting and individual skill work in.”

“Our players will have to play in masks. This is going to be a challenge for them but they are excited to play and for the opportunity even to have a season. Our spectators will be restricted to a smaller number but again, we are excited to get anyone into the gym during a pandemic.”

“It has been a challenging off-season in many ways. The constant starts and stops of workouts had made it one of the more difficult off-seasons I can remember. Our kids have worked really hard and have remained as flexible as they can be with all of the constant moves, shifts, and turns.”

“We are trying to play a more up-tempo style, both on offense and defense. We’ve got some great returning guards in Nolan Moorhead and Casey Jacobsen, along with some guys that got some Varsity time last year but will make great leaps this year in Sean Harris, Tyler Klopfenstein, Thomas Myers, and Micah Nanninga. New to the Varsity this year are Guards Luke Cushman, Tiernan Freiberger, Bryce Lutz, and forwards Owen Clarke, and Andrew Wright.”