The Passion Profession

Senior Mathieu Green is practicing his photography in hopes of making it into a career one day


IN THE ALLEY: Green conducts a photoshoot at an underground graffiti skate park. This was his first successful shoot. “This is from my very first successful photo shoot and it was shot at an underground graffiti skatepark which is one of the coolest photo locations I’ve been to,” Green said.

     Senior Mathieu Green has found a passion in photography, he hopes to continue in the field and eventually pursue it as a career. Green first started photography when he was in front of the lens modeling for his friend. 

     “I got into photography by modeling for a friend a lot and then during photo shoots he would let me start using his extra camera to try taking pictures and video. After borrowing his camera for a while I eventually got my own camera just a year ago,” Green said. 

     As Green became more and more comfortable with a camera, he started conducting photo shoots. Green said he enjoyed these photoshoots and photography because it was very rewarding when he saw his growth.

     “Photography is something so fun to do because while you do it you get to learn and progress to get better. I look at my old photos in comparison to my new photos and can visually see how much I’ve improved and it’s very rewarding,” Green said. 

     Green is continuing to develop his skills in photography and looks at other creators for influence. He looks back at his old photos as well and sees how he can improve from them. 

     “Sometimes I won’t be feeling a photo shoot and lose a lot of confidence and get ready to delete a lot of bad photos, but once I look back at the photos I’ll be surprised and really happy with how they came out. When I’m looking back at photos and editing is when I learn and take note on how I can improve and how I could have done better on some shots,” Green said.

     Green has continued to improve and has hopes on continuing to get better throughout his career.

STARRY LIGHT: Matheiu Green conducts a photoshoot based on the HBO show “Euphoria” on Sep 1 2020. This was the most creative shoot Green had done. “In the set of photos I created my own backdrop and used an old led strip for lighting,” Green said.