Early Ending

Senior Ava Strickler decided to graduate early, even before COVID-19

     For some, graduating early is a chance to get a head start on college or their career. This year in particular, it may be a blessing in disguise for some students because of the unpredictable year COVID-19 has created. Senior Ava Strickler decided she was going to graduate early even before COVID-19 hit. 

     “I chose to graduate early because I wasn’t motivated anymore and I was ready to move on in life and in my career,” Strickler said. “I wanted to graduate early at the beginning of junior year but I wasn’t positive. Once COVID-19 hit, I was sure I made the right decision because we weren’t going to have a normal senior year.” 

     For Strickler, graduating early was a personal decision based on how her life was going. During her junior year, she discovered her passion for psychology and realized she wanted to start her career as soon as she could.

     “During my junior year, I was going through a lot and trying to focus on myself, during that time I really found an interest in psychology and decided I wanted to major in it,” Strickler said.

     Strickler is going to be taking Arapahoe Community College courses in order to get credits before she goes to a university in August. Since COVID-19 has created a unique senior year for Strickler, she isn’t too disappointed that she is missing the last half of her year. 

     “I still feel confident about graduating early and since we just got moved to fully online, there isn’t going to be much of a change. I would rather do ACC courses online, then go to school two days a week,” Strickler said.

     Strickler hasn’t decided where she will be attending  in August 2021 after graduating early and taking courses at Arapahoe Community College.