Is This It?

Bible theorists believe the world may come to an end in December

2020 has been the most interesting year I’ve been through in my lifetime. When I heard murmurs about the world ending on December 21, it seemed almost expected. 

Bible experts believe that the end of the world scenario that was feared in 2012 will actually happen this year. It is thought that the Mayan calendar includes an eight-year gap that wasn’t counted for when the theory was first feared in 2012. Many theorists believe that the current events we’re facing today are “signs from the heavens” that point towards an “imminent world end”.

Although I think the world ending seems a little far fetched, a civil war on the horizon doesn’t seem too unrealistic. With COVID-19 cases on the rise, the feeling of fearing the unknown is common among most Americans, including myself. 

Many of us have cracked jokes about the world ending this year, but is it really that unrealistic? The Bible says things about a cashless society as a financial sign of the end of the world, and when the US began to have a coin shortage during quarantine, it was enough for many theorists to begin conspiracies on when the end of the world may come. 

With the date of the theory being a little over a month away, I don’t think the world could get to a spot where it’s gone altogether. The Earth is supposed to outlive humans, so maybe this is just the next dinosaur extinction, except the extinction is us.