Behind the Net

A quick look into the JV Boys Tennis, and what it’s like to be in the middle of chaos.


JV Boys Tennis put a 3-1 record in the books, but it’s said their season didn’t come easily. “It can get really intense and toxic,” Austin Zenyuh, 24 said, when describing one of his toughest matches.

“Every point was each team trying to prove something,” Zenyuh said. Zenyuh and the team lost that game, by 6 points extra time. This match went on seemingly forever, and by the time they had finished, “people were shouting and being rude.”

This match wasn’t easy on either team, and Zenyuh looks forward to a rematch, but not for a while since, “this year was short, with only four games being played,” Zenyuh said. Zenyuh looks forward to next season, hoping it will be normal and longer, and to another year of growth and great competition.