Have you seen the Presidential Debate? Don’t!

The 2020 Presidential Debate featuring Pres. Pumpkin versus past-vice Pres. Old Man Joe is a humongous disappointment and showcases poor American leadership and politics.

Before I tick you off or make you want to click off this story, let me tell you something really important right off the bat. Politics frigging suck. I cannot stand talking about them, learning about them, or even thinking about them. Why do people put themselves into two groups? And from what I’ve seen lately, politics aren’t working. Doesn’t that resonate with anyone? 

“This is a bad take.” Okay, I bite. The Presidential Debate happens to be the big determinative for who ends up running the country. It’s the “who looks the best. Who can present themselves and persuade better?” I can’t say I see either in sees guys. Right now we are approaching the grand, heart pumping, teeth chattering, second-rounding biggest flop of proper negotiation. To me, it’s sad old men yelling at each other. Two seventy-year-old geezers babbling about their sides. I bet, to your grandpa it’s probably more important, but this is my story. I didn’t actually witness the first debate that occurred on September 29th, but the 29 but I watched a good chunk of it posted online later on. 

I don’t even know what made me so interested in watching such garbage. I suppose I was extremely bored or extremely nervous to see what kinda phonies are wanting to run a nation. I barely got an hour into the broadcast before I shut my computer off. After the fourth or fifth “shut up man” or the constant, annoying one up’s by Trump, I had realized I had seen enough. Plenty. I didn’t really observe too many good points, just some really bad jabs and stuttering from the moderator. “M-Me Mr. M-Me Mr. President! Mr. President!” C’mon man, moderate. Oh yeah, stuttering Chris is also a seventy-year-old geezer. Feel kinda bad for the guy, but he had it coming. I mean, where are the young people at!

Overall, so far the 2020 Presidential Debate has had no shining moments and I am left in even less faith in our governments. I have no desire to watch the next debate. I’m sorry if I made your government junkies pissed off with my lazy views and weak inputs. I honestly don’t care who wins the next election. Until I see some genuine change done to the world by whoever is in charge of my country, I won’t care – that is until I see reduced emissions, steady, equal pay for all, healthcare that doesn’t screw people over, and an honest leader. Hey, I guess I know some political stuff.