Contemplating College

While many students choose to continue their education after high school, there are some students who have other plans


Skipping College: College is a common path after high school, but for some like Senior Raelyn Roskilly, it doesn’t seem necessary. Although many parents urged their kids to go to college or pushed them towards a certain career path, Roskilly’s parents let her decide. “College isn’t really that important to my family and they support my decision 100%,” Roskilly said.

     When students are asked about their future, the questions commonly asked are what college and major a student is going to pursue. But, for some students like Senior Raelyn Roskilly, there may never be an answer to those frequent questions. For Roskilly, the cost alone is enough for her to not go. 

     “I personally do not think college is worth how expensive it is,” Roskilly said. 

     Although college is unlikely, Roskilly said she’s not opposed to going to another type of school if it can help her get where she wants to be in her career. 

     “I may go into a trade school depending on what I decide to do with my life,” Roskilly said. 

     Many may ask what can someone do without a degree since a lot of jobs require it, and Roskilly has a few options that interest her. 

     “I have many options I am currently looking at, like the hospitality industry or maybe even working for the government,” Roskilly said. 

     But, her last resort would be going to college if her career path didn’t pan out the way she wanted. 

     “If things don’t end up working out then I feel I would go to a community college and get a degree, maybe in management,” Roskilly said.

     Even though college is a given for most students, there are still some, like Roskilly that want to go down a different path or just don’t think it’s a necessary financial loss.