Carmen Palmblad

Carmen Palmlad, a junior at Castle View High School, got her start in CV Media as a part of CVTV, but ultimately realized her passion was more along the lines of writing and photography, leading her to join the yearbook staff this year. At three years old, Carmen’s parents got divorced. Though the move was right for her family, and she knows that now, it was hard to understand at such a young age. She now lives with her mom, step-dad, and brother.

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Everything happens for a reason this quote means a lot to Carmen Palmblad ‘22. “Yeah it’s pretty cliche but it reminds me when times get tough there is a bigger plan for my life and with every struggle comes a new lesson,” Palmblad said. There is unlimited amounts of quotes in the whole entire world. Just these five words play an important role in her life. Sayings or phrases stick to certain people because, they stand out or people find a special connection. When, Palmblad was only five years old her mom and dad got divorced. Her parents split because they weren’t making the best decisions and it wasn’t a healthy environment for her or her brother was 3 at the time. Also, they knew it was best if split so their daughter and son would live their life to the fullest. “It was really hard to wrap my head around it as a child, however it made me who I am today,” Palmblad said. The divorce taught her how to be strong in other situations and how to cope.This big of a change created a whole new world and a whole new world means a lot of adjusting. She had moved to Castle Rock, Colorado, made new amazing friends, has an amazing step dad. Moving and adding a new family member it’s something to get used to. “Moving schools it was nerve racking everything was brand new,” Palmblad said. “It has opened so many doors for my life.” At her new school she joined yearbook because she discovered her love for writing and taking photos. Last year she was in CV media she enjoyed it. Although, she knew it had to be something different but around the same line that includes writing and having the chance to use a camera. through this experience she found God. “When He closes a door He opens a new one,” Palmblad said. Because, of this journey palmblad went on she got to meet all kinds of people who now play an important role in her life and gets to walk besides her through it all.