Opinion on Net Neutrality

Kellan Wood, CVTV Staffer

Before I start this article, I want to explain what net neutrality is tor the readers that don’t. The internet is not free here in America, so US consumers needs to purchase it through one of a few companies such as Comcast or CenturyLink. Net neutrality states that because the consumer paid for something they need (because can any one of you think of a time that you can not live without the internet or your phones), the consumer is allowed to access everything on the internet.

Now, if net neutrality where to end on December 14th companies would be able to control bandwidth (browsing speed) of certain web sites such as Netflix and Amazon because they’re very popular, and they could force them to pay extra to get that bandwidth back or be dropped by the provider. Another consequence of the revocation of net neutrality is the bundling of internet resources such streaming services for an inflated rate or an unfair extra price to use this sect of the internet.

There are other results for internet providers ending net neutrality but I would suggest you doing further research for yourself. As most of you are able to tell there are two sides to this issue, pro-provider or pro-neutrality. Me, personally, I am pro-neutrality. I think that the internet should be a free and open market and should be fully accessible to everybody. I also think the internet should be provided but that is a different issue altogether.

Getting back on topic, the biggest problem I have with the potential end to net neutrality is the prospect of bundling. I have a huge problem with the bundling because let’s say you pay for everything in the internet but forget to pay the entertainment package so you will no longer have the ability to watch Netflix or YouTube. This will allow the service provider to charge inflated rates. That is all I have to say about this topic. If you wish to know more please do your own research and form your own opinion. And if you are pro-neutrality I implore you to speak out and tell people in power how important this issue is and why net neutrality needs to exist.