Beth Setters – VPA Art Contest Winner

Stephanie Rottmann


Q: What made you want to participate in the art contest?

A: “Just the idea that it’d be posted around the school so the other students could see my art and so I could get feedback from that.”


Q: So you’re not afraid to show off your artwork?

A: “No not at all I’m proud of it.”


Q: How often do you create different pieces?

A: “Well I’m in AP studio art right now so, by the end of the year I have to create at least 24 different pieces, so I’m kind of on schedule for that right now.”


Q: Do you just do drawing pieces or do you paint as well?

A: “One of the ones I submitted is a drawing and a painting. Where it was a drawing of just the head and and the painting part was stones coming out of the head like that, so it was a mix but I mainly just do drawing.”


Q: Did you feel like you had a good shot at winning or was it a shock?

A: “It was definitely a shock because I know there are a lot of great artists here. Like Hayley Skinner, in my eyes she’s major competition.”


Q: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

A: “I’m a perfectionist, extremely perfectionist, there are a lot of art students here that try and go take abstract and stuff like that but I will spend a lot of time on a piece just to make sure like a certain aspect or like a hair is in the right place and stuff like that.”


Q: How long have you been drawing?

A: “My parents told me when I was little I thought my sister was like the best artist in the world so I would copy everything that she did and I kind of just went up from there, but I’ve really only been drawing seriously for about 2 years.”