GPA Flying or Failing?

Anna Vairma, Yearbook Group Manager

As first term comes to a close, students are asked whether their GPA, (grade point average), has improved during second term or dropped? While there are only two semesters in the school year, each semester has two terms within it.

It has become a common trend to see that the majority of the students have concluded their GPA’s dropped dramatically within the second term. Why is this true?

“I personally think first term is sort of treated like a warm up, it’s always super easy compared to the next terms to follow,” said Callie Kloenne ‘17. Even the teachers agree with this statement.

“My chemistry class gradually increases in difficulty as the semester goes on. First term is a lot easier to grasp and understand compared to my second term, the activities and lessons become more advanced for various reasons,” said Rodger Felch.

While the staff and students have proven that the terms gradually become more difficult as the year continues, it is clear to see why GPA’s drop rather than improve.

Holding good grades and getting a high GPA is an important piece to getting into college. A student’s GPA determines what college options are available for someone, either making college options limited or giving some a wide variety of options.

“There is nothing that stresses me out as much as my GPA does. It seems that no matter how hard I try I cannot raise it to the number I would like it to be at,” said Sydney Alcaraz ‘19, “knowing the importance of having a good GPA is that hard part, it makes school work a lot more stressful.”

On the flip side there are students who are good under pressure and find ways to allow their GPA to thrive.

“I don’t think GPA’s are that hard to maintain and get high scores on. I have a GPA of 4.2 right now, I’ve always found a way to keep it up,” said Brittany Berman ‘17, “staying involved in classes and putting the work in is what allowed me to have the GPA I have now. Staying on top of all my homework and school work.”

It does not sound like a hard task to accomplish, however there are diverse GPA scores found around the school. Sophia Jones ‘19 also has a GPA over 4.0.

“Getting a high GPA is not impossible to do. Personally it’s sort of easy, give 100% effort in all the work you do for school. You have to do the work either way so why not give it your all. It’s paid off for me at least,” she said. Leaving it up to the students.

With classes gradually getting harder to maintain and having the constant pressure of test scores and good grades, it is left up to the student’s to decide whether their GPA will fly or fail.