Taste of the World

Mary Huddy, Yearbook People Section Editor

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Every year the foreign language teachers get together and plan two events that allow all the foreign languages to interact: Taste of the World and Music of the World. If you take a foreign language the first half of the year you are able to participate in Taste of the World. All of the foreign languages are involved in this event including Spanish, French, Japanese, and American Sign Language. Each student chooses a country whose primary language is whatever foreign language they’re studying and presents information about the history, culture, and popular dishes of that country.

“I’ve presented a new country for Taste of the World all four years that I have attended Castle View. It’s a lot of fun and it’s showed me different cultures around the world rather than just focusing on spanish,” said Gracie Marr ‘17. Having the different languages interact with each other allows students to see the different cultures around the world and show the different styles of living. Doing so allows students to have a more enriching education. “I love seeing students interact with each other and be able to learn from each other,” said Mrs. Ellis. Teachers of Castle View are also able to come to Taste of the World and learn the culture around the world.

There were many different types of food throughout the event. Some students made cake while others just blended together a smoothie to represent the food culture of their country. Taste of the World is a way to mix together an educational experience and having fun.