The Wonder Woman of Adriana Miller

Amy Mackin, Newspaper Design Editor

img_3893Photo courtesy of Adriana Miller

This year, a CVHS junior attended Denver Comic Con for the first time. She’s a student of many talents. She can create any media of art, rock climb, do special effect makeup, and sew many different items. This student is otherwise known as Adriana Miller.

She was born in Aurora, Colorado, then lived in New York for a year (2010), and moved back in 2011. Miller was interested with art at a young age, and began to practice. Her skills are unbelievable and well known in the art community. Miller is talented with most all art mediums, but she has a particular favorite.

Miller said, “I like to use colored pencils on toned paper. It really adds a cool effect.”

She has an Instagram (@millerac_art) where she posts some of her finest works; primarily drawing realistic faces with that “cool” colored pencil effect. She became more passionate about this creative talent through inspiration from others.

“I was inspired by all my past teachers, and one person in particular is I’d have to say Georgina Elizabeth. I liked the color she uses for her skin tones, she has a unique style that thoroughly inspired my work, ”Miller said.

So it’s true she has expertise with drawing, though that’s not the only thing she’s gifted at. Miller is great at rock climbing.

“I’ve rock climbed for four years. It’s an independent sport, it’s something I’m actually good at,” Miller stated.

She wants to keep rock climbing in the future, especially in college. Miller likes the adventurous feeling of it all. She does rock climbing at the school with some other students from CVHS. When she’s not rock climbing, or making art pieces Miller will sew costumes.

“Yeah I have made costumes (laughs), it sounds extremely nerdy. I sold them online or made them for my siblings, whether it be for Halloween or the full out fans at Comic Con,”

She had won two costume contests, one in middle school and one at Comic Con. Some of the costumes she created are for DC comic superheroes like, Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and she even made a costume for the popular video game, Halo. Miller is also talented with stage and special effect makeup, really adding that extra umph to her costumes. As noted before, she attended Denver comic Con this year.

“It was a really fun experience. I met actors from The Walking Dead and Gotham,” She said.

Miller has been in several art shows (received a second place prize in one), hiked a fourteener, and got five academic awards in elementary school. She has a bright future ahead of her, and wants to go-after a more science related occupation.

“I would like to be a forensic scientist or a sketch artist. I’ve always been intrigued on how people solve crimes. By just getting small increments left behind they can find the culprits, which I found really cool. I also have always liked science and am really interested in this career,” Miller explained.

Miller is a hard-worker and makes sure she does things at the best of her abilities. Her hard work and perseverance shows through with some of the amazing things she has created.

“Adriana is good at everything she does. She’s also the kindest most humble person you’ll ever meet; and if I were her, I’d definitely not be humble,”  Joshua Carballo, a CVHS Junior who’s a friend of Miller, stated.