Tale of Two Students

Anna Murphy, Yearbook EIC

There are a lot of opportunities presented to seniors, to better their career choices and even their college experiences.

Students can work alongside Castle View’s guidance counselors to find a business or setting that is related to a future career they may want. At the end of their experience, it is concluded by a presentation and portfolio about the students experience and learning throughout the internship.



7:40 – 9:05: Off period

9:10-9:40: Advisement

9:45-11:10: Aquatic Biology

11:10-11:55: Lunch

12:00-1:25: Contemporary Literature

1:30-2:55: Office Aid

4:15-9:00: Work (at the Gap outlet)

Would you have wanted to do an internship?

“Yes, I did. I wanted to do an internship because i wanted real life experience during high school. I also think that it would look good on my resume.”

If you had an internship, where would you like it to be?

“Ideally I would like to work for a travel agent or in a hospital or at a real estate office.”

Do you regret not being involved in the internship program?

“After seeing what my friends who did internships had to go through I was glad I didn’t go through with it. They didn’t seem to get much out of it anyway and were glad when their internships were over at the end of term 1.”

INTERNSHIP :  Megan Oster


7:40 – 9:05: Customer Service

9:10-9:40: Advisement

9:45-11:10: Aquatic Biology

11:10-11:55: Lunch

12:00-4:00: Internship

Why did you choose to do an internship in the first place ?

“I chose my internship site because I am interested in owning a small business one day.”

Where was your internship, and how did it relate to a future career you might want?

“My internship site was Nixon and Company. It is a small business in Castle Rock and one day, I would love to own a small business.”

Was your experience valuable/did you change your mind on anything ?

“My internship made me look deeper at what I wanted to do and made me realize that owning a small business is really hard and you have to be really passionate and hardworking about it for it to be successful.”

If you got to do it over again, would you have done an internship this year? Why?

I would have done my internship again because it taught me a lot about what it takes to own a business and showed me what it really takes to be successful. I liked seeing all the aspects of the business and it helped me to decide on what I want to do in the future.”