Movie Review with Mackenzie Boltz: Sully

Mackenzie Boltz, Yearbook Photo Editor

In this riveting film, written by Todd Komarnicki and directed by Clint Eastwood was based off the true story of airplane pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who had to emergency land US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River. Remarkably, all 155 passengers and crew made it through the landing., this is the first water landing in history where everyone survived.

During the movie, they have Sully go through the process of being investigated for the emergency landing which could destroy his career. As the movie continued Sully went through flashbacks of the flight and the crash and his emotional journey of figuring out if he really did the right thing.

My personal opinion is that they did a great job portraying the character of Sully and the process he went through. They also captured the feeling of the passengers on the plane very well and how they must of felt during it. They kept to the story line and did not stray from it. All in all it was a great movie and I would recommend seeing it, and definitely bring a friend!