2015 Homecoming Proposals Are Nothing Short of Extravagant

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Vieo Yearbook –


As homecoming draws nearer, the students of Castle View High School are finding more and more creative ways to ask potential dates to one of the most highly anticipated dances of the school year.

Chris Negron and Kyle Buchan both secured their dates to homecoming last week after detailed planning with the help of a few friends.

Although the two proposals were drastically different, both incorporated aspects that related to the lives of their dates.

Buchan ‘16 focused on relating the proposal to performing arts since theater is such a major part of the lives of him and his girlfriend, Karlie Murray ‘17. Friends of the couple sang a song called Be His Date in the choir room to the tune of Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast with lyrics relating to the proposal.

A crowd of performing arts students surrounded the smiling couple as the proposal occurred.

“I knew that Beauty and the Beast was one of her favorite shows, so I said ‘hey, let’s do something with that,’” said Buchan.

Negron’s careful planning also payed off at the first football game of the year when he asked his girlfriend, Gillian Hovde ‘17, to homecoming. Since Negron and Hovde are both heavily involved in athletics, the location of the proposal fit both of their personalities.

“He had his friends that were cheerleaders do a stunt, and they all held up signs that said ‘Gillie’ and ‘HOCO’, and his shirt had a question mark on it,” said Hovde,”Everyone was applauding after.”

As for uniqueness, both girls enjoyed that the proposals were “creative and different.”

“I ran down and hugged him and kissed him,” said Hovde, “and it was very sweet.”