Sabercats kick field goal to win in overtime


The View –  

 A neck-and-neck game against Fort Carson ended with an exciting field goal kick in overtime to win the game for Castle View Oct. 16, giving the Sabercats added confidence when they face Chaparral Oct. 24.

“I’ve never jumped so high in my life, I was that excited,” senior running back Erik Taylor said.

The final score between Castle View (3-5) and the Fort Carson Trojans (6-2) was 31-28.

“Beating Fort Carson gives us a lot of momentum to go in on Friday and try to destroy Chaparral,” quarterback Chris Linnin said.

The Sabercats face Chaparral tomorrow, Oct. 24, at 7 p.m. at Douglas County stadium, at 2842 Front St.

“It’s tough because you can either leap frog from that win or take a step back, but we’ve been preparing for Chap this entire week,” Coach Dustin Pfeiffer said.

Because Fort Carson was ranked 19th, Sabercats entered the game knowing it would be a tough fight. At halftime, Castle View led 14-12, but knew the game wasn’t over. Defense played strong for the Sabercats throughout the entire game and proved a key reason for the victory.

“Our defense put in work and helped the offense out a lot,” Taylor said.

The game went into overtime with the scoreboard at 28-28. Fort Carson won the coin toss for the ball, but once again the Sabercat defense stopped the Trojans from scoring. And senior Parker Strahler kicked a field goal to win the game for the Sabercats.

“It was awesome,” Pfeiffer said. “The kids finally got to experience the excitement of winning a really close game.”