Excitement builds for CV’s biggest week of the year


photo of the Photo by Monk.

Seniors vs Juniors in a song battle.
Photo by: Heather Monks

Every year thousands of Sabercats come together to rumble, roar and root for their class. It’s Showdown week at Castle View, and some classes may lose, but school spirit can’t be beat.

Junior Noah Defreitas is passionate about Showdown and what it means to the school.

“Well, you know me — school spirit guru,” said Defreitas. “I’m excited to see the rivals form between the students, then for us to all come together as Sabercats.”

Sophomore Tyler Dhunjishaw had this to say: “My least favorite part about Showdown is that it doesn’t last the whole day. I like that it boosts school morale.”

Senior Ian Nouss loves the school spirit involved in this event, but finds it can be a little overwhelming. “Everyone seems to be shoving it down my throat, like the balloons when I’m walking down the stairs,” Nouss said. “They’re a bit aggressive.”

Showdown doesn’t only get the student body excited, but staff at CV get pumped up as well. “I love seeing the enthusiasm and excitement of everyone coming together,” Humanities teacher Amy Montague said.

Although she loves watching the events, her favorite part is adding another T-shirt to her wardrobe. “I’m excited for the T-shirts for this year,” Montague said. “I have a collection of the Showdown shirts from the past seven years.”