Spring Sports Tryouts

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Megan Kowalis ‘18 and Amy Mackin ‘18 go head-to-head during an intense scrimmage on the second day of soccer tryouts.


Jenna Linenberg ‘17 and Amy Mackin ‘18 play aggressively during a scrimmage on the second day of soccer tryouts. “When I’m playing soccer, I can just put the world on pause and lose myself in the game. There’s something about your body and your mind coming together to push yourself. When I step on that field, I’d defend my teammates with my life,” Linenberg said.


Julie Winn ‘18 focuses on hitting the ball with her tennis racquet during tennis tryouts. Although she claimed to be nervous, she smiled the whole way through. “Tennis is one of the few things I really enjoy doing and when I’m playing, school isn’t on my mind and neither is anything else. I’m in the moment with myself and I love it,” Winn said.